Sustainability Report 2017:

Next Level Solutions: from our tried-and-tested soluti ons portfolio for folding cartons, adhesive labels, leaflets and packaging services through to new solutions for work processes, for innovative products and for new services in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.


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Economic Development | Energetic. Innovative. - Key Figures

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Sustainability | An important aspect of the company policy of the August Faller Group

Sustainability plays an important role in the company policy of the August Faller Group. The following is an excerpt from the company's policy:

As a medium-sized family business in the fourth generation, we at August Faller GmbH & Co. KG focus on long-term thinking and acting rather than just short-term success. In doing so, we combine the economic expertise of our company with ecological, corporate social and societal responsibility. We are committed to the protection of the environment. Faller places particular emphasis on its responsibility for employees and occupational safety. Our company strives to make a valuable contribution to society.

The principles of sustainable corporate governance serve as the standard against which we weigh our actions in relation to customers, employees, business partners and society. Here at FALLER, this position is reflected in our thinking, decisions and actions.

FALLER respects resources. At FALLER, we take advantage of potential savings through the continuous improvement of the efficiency with which we use materials and energy. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal to reduce resource consumption and emissions.

Principles of action and decision-making | Code of conduct

August Faller Group has aligned itself with the Code of Conduct of the Federal Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (hereinafter referred to as BME) and is committed to abiding by its rules.

Sustainability as a fundamental concept:

  • In addition to developing economic performance, a sustainable business policy takes into account economic, social and natural capital and gives priority to corporate activities that can lead to a sustained increase in such capital. It is geared towards realising its long-term potential in terms of delivering results and growth, thus ensuring the company's existence in the long term. Its primary task is to solve specific problems of the company's customers with the help of sustainable, intelligent, functional and vertically-integrated service packages.

  • Sustainable business policy reflects the company's values and culture. It has a strong strategic component and seeks to incorporate the normative visions and strategic objectives into day-to-day operations.

  • Sustainable corporate policy strives to reduce resource consumption and emissions in absolute terms. It reduces the degree to which material and energy resources are used and helps to take advantage of potential cost-reduction opportunities.

  • Sustainable corporate governance balances the interests of stakeholders who have differing levels of assertiveness. It communicates openly with all its stakeholders. It involves the employees in the design and implementation of corporate activities. As a result, it uses and develops the social capital available to it, while at the same time developing its organisational ability to learn. In so doing, it improves its economic prospects. Sustainable corporate policy engages in public debate as a political player. It contributes to the creation of framework conditions that promote sustainability. Sustainable corporate policy also lets it guide the inspiration and guidance for own development.

Sustainable business practices recognise six key variables to realise the potential in terms of performance and development

  • Liquidity & cash flow ⇒ Financial standing & investment: Control of liquidity & cash flow are core tasks of finance and secure payment ability and investment.

  • Productivity ⇒ Securing business success: Management of the income statement and the balance sheet are core tasks of accounting and secure the current economic success.

  • Market position ⇒ Competitiveness & safeguarding existing potential to deliver results: The bigger the market share, the bigger the opportunity to take advantage of lower costs, cope better with any price wars and to secure existing potentials for success.

  • Profitability & earnings ⇒ Equity ratio: Sustainable returns offer the opportunity to increase equity, thus securing a good financial structure.

  • Innovation ⇒ Safeguarding existing potential to deliver results: A solution-independent understanding of the customer's problem offers an opportunity to develop new solutions (substitutions), thus opening up potential for success.

  • Appeal to suitable employees ⇒ Ensuring employees have the necessary skills: Companies must be able to attract qualified and motivated employees to ensure that they have the necessary skills and the organisational ability to learn.

Ecological thinking and acting

  • Resource efficiency
  • Energy efficiency and climate protection
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Use of renewable raw materials from sustainable sources
  • Material cycles to avoid waste

Corporate social responsibility

  • Safeguarding of jobs
  • Development opportunities for employees
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Equal opportunities for all employees
  • Work-life balance        

Societal responsibility

  • Involvement in associations
  • Social commitment
  • Political representation
  • Support for non-profit organisations, associations and cultural activities in the region


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