Security: Tamper Evidence

One feature to verify the originality of a pack of medication has been required by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU for all prescription medications since 2011. We present various possible solutions for tamper-evident seals in our current white paper.

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Tamper evident seal

Label solutions that guarantee the product has not been tampered with offer outstanding protection against manipulation of a folding carton pack. They are not so easy to remove and also offer the possibility of integrating additional features, such as printed security features, which further increase security.

In contrast, a constructive solution directly on the dust flap of the folding carton has the advantage that no investments in additional labelling stations are required and the operational performance on the pharmacist’s packing line remains unchanged.

All of the tamper-proof seals we offer for pharmaceutical secondary packaging fulfil standard EN:16679:2014. The various solutions are to be chosen based in the container to be packed, the use of materials and application, and support effective product and brand protection.

However, primary packaging can also be protected even more securely from manipulation using a label. Whether applied to ampoules, vials, bottles, tubs, pens or other type of autoinjectors, they guarantee originality even more effectively.

Tamper evidence with labels

Novel adhesive with the utmost adhesive force: film or paper labels with special adhesion of an adhesive that causes irreversible damage to the material surface of the folding box in the event of an attempt to remove the label are a secure version. The adhesive force of this new type of adhesive on dispersion varnishes has been significantly improved compared to previous solutions. In addition, the tamper-proof protection can be increased with what are known as T-, X- and S-perforations, via which the label is destroyed when removed.

Void label: a folding carton is closed on both sides with transparent void labels. When the product is first opened, the adhesive part of the label remains affixed to the carton in the form of a chess board pattern. Following first opening, the pattern makes it easy and obvious to see that the packaging has already been opened. The box itself can be closed again without any problems.

Other tamper evident seals

    • Closure with security adhesive
    • Adhesive tabs
    • Label with security perforations
    • Label made from transfer-proof document film (security seal)
    • Film or paper label that splits when removed
Your advantage

Fulfilment of the FMD directive

Your advantage

Originality in accordance with EN:16679:2014

Your advantage

Manipulation security

Your advantage

No change to artwork required for transparent labels


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