Packaging: Folding cartons

A solution for every requirement. Do you manufacture medications in the form of tablets, liquid or semi-solid preparations, medical technology products or similar? Put your trust in our decades of folding carton expertise and arrange a consultation.

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Folding cartons

As a longtime packaging specialist Faller develops and manufactures intelligent folding carton solutions, which take into account the Medicines Act and the requirements of our customers concerning compliance and convenience to the utmost degree. Whether standard folding boxes, individual special design or custom-made - we are on your side as competent partner from consultancy to manufacturing your packaging.


  • Blister pack for tablets, capsules, etc.
  • Ampoules
  • Vials
  • Pens
  • Bottles
  • Prefilled syringes
  • Jars
  • Sachets/bags

thanks to the best machine runability

Competitive advantages

thanks to innovative designs


Standard specifications

Special constructions

Naturally, August Faller also manufactures special designs in accordance with your individual specifications. Variants: Inner compartments, variable inserts, automatic-/folding bases, Easy-to-open mechanism, multiple compartment folding cartons e. g. for syringes, Wallet Plus

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Unglued for machine or manual adhesion or tucking; "climate safe covering box" for flat layer on request. Variants: Unglued for machine or manual adhesive gluing or tucking; "Climate safe covering box" that ensures flatness by request.

Standard folding cartons

Folding cartons glued in the longitudinal join with two-way or same-sided tuck in flap; alternative with an interlocking bottom. Variants: ECMA-Codes A1xxx, A2xxx, A5xxx. Use: Mostly for blisters; liquid, semi-solid and solid forms


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