Rely on our accumulated pharmaceutical expertise and reduce your administrative outlay for secondary packaging to a single order, one filling process and one incoming components inspection. Guaranteed security according to pharmaceutical quality standards for all components.

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As a system supplier Faller manufactures all components of the pharmaceutical secondary packaging. To reduce your logistic and administrative expenses we can already piece together the individual components into an integrated product at Faller. The possible combinations are varied by this - please talk to us.

One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop
We combine folding boxes, leaflets and labels.
Folding Box combined with multipage etikett
Folding Box combined with multipage etikett
Combined products are reducing your logistic and administrative expenses
Combined products are reducing your logistic and administrative expenses
Leaflets and labels combined
Leaflets and labels combined

Strong together

Die vielfältigen Kombinationsmöglichkeiten von Faltschachteln, Packungsbeilagen und Etiketten, die August Faller den Kunden anbietet, erlauben exklusive und kundenorientierte Verpackungslösungen. Kombiprodukte lassen viel Spielraum für kreative und individuelle Lösungen. August Faller ermöglicht dies durch produktionsreife Entwicklungen sowie die Fertigung der Komponenten im eigenen Haus.

Die Vorteile für pharmazeutische Hersteller liegen auf der Hand. Sie profitieren von der Verringerung des administrativen Aufwands. Im Idealfall reduziert sich der Aufwand auf einen Auftrag, eine Befüllung und eine Eingangskontrolle. Die Fertigung aller Komponenten nach Pharma-Qualitätsstandards ist garantiert, ebenso die durchgehende Qualitätskontrolle. So können z.B. Produkte mit applizierten Haftetiketten individualisiert werden, um sie so fälschungssicher zu machen. So wird zusätzlich die Nachverfolgung entlang der gesamten Prozesskette erleichtert. Außerdem werden der Abpack- und Befüllungsprozess rationalisiert, z.B. durch die Zusammenführung von Komponenten mittels Banderole. Das verringert die Störanfälligkeit der Abpackmaschinen.

Various combination possibilities

For complete packaging solutions, purchasing across multiple suppliers can be costly, complex and expensive. As a system supplier, we provide the individual components as needed or combine them to form an integrated product - whether it be folding carton, adhesive labels or leaflets.

You significantly reduce your logistical and administrative effort!

Combination of folding carton and label

The packaging of a drug has many functions along the entire supply chain. In addition to the main functions of packaging, such as protection, transport and storage, the communication of important and relevant information also plays a key role.

The combination of several packaging materials - such as folding carton and label - creates extended surfaces, with more space for patient communication. By meaningful use, the compliance and convenience of a packaging solution can be substantially improved.

Ensure regulatory reuqirements

The Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU and delegated Regulation (EU) no. 2016/161, which will enter into force in the EU on 9 February 2019, will be a decisive step forward in patient protection for the industry. Desicive - but not easy to implement. 

An individual identification feature (serialisation) and tamper-proof protection will become mandatory for prescription drugs. 

We are happy to show you our solutions in the field of Tamper Evidence Labels!

Combination with leaflets

By combining different packaging materials, the space for patient communication can be significantly increased. The leaflet is an essential part of the pharmaceutical packaging and thus an elementary component of our product portfolio.

As a system supplier, we can offer combinations of different packaging materials:

  • Leaflet and carton
  • Leaflet + patient card
  • Leaflet + label
  • Leaflet + leaflet

Combinations with innovative packaging solutions

Innovative medication packaging increasingly find its way into the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. 

Discover with us the potentail offered by solutions such as RFID/NFC-technologies, QR-codes or digital displays for patients in terms of compliance, safety and therapeutic success. 

Read more about our Smart Packaging solutions here

Extended communication areas

Through the prescient combination of different packaging materials, a packaging solution has many functions along the entire supply chain. Common functions such as packaging, protection, transportation and storage can be supplemented with additional functions such as the transmission of important and relevant information at the right time.

Increase your patient communication and improve the compliance and convenience of your packaging solution.

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