Packaging: Combination products

Rely on our accumulated pharmaceutical expertise and reduce your administrative outlay for secondary packaging to a single order, one filling process and one incoming components inspection. Guaranteed security according to pharmaceutical quality standards for all components.

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A perfect combination

As a system supplier Faller manufactures all components of the pharmaceutical secondary packaging. To reduce your logistic and administrative expenses we can already piece together the individual components into an integrated product at Faller. The possible combinations are varied by this - please talk to us.

Strong together

The various combination options of folding cartons, leaflets and adhesive labels that August Faller offers its customers allow for exclusive and customer-orientated packaging solutions. Combination products allow a great deal of scope for creative and individual solutions. August Faller makes this possible as a result of developments that are ready for production and the in-house manufacture of components.

The advantages for pharmaceutical manufacturers are obvious. You benefit from the reduction of administrative outlay. In the ideal case the outlay is reduced as a result of one order, one filling process and one incoming control process. The manufacture of all components according to pharmaceutical quality standards is guaranteed, as is continuous quality control. As a result products can be customised, for example with appliquéd adhesive labels in order to make them forgery proof. In this way tracing along the entire process chain is also made easier. In addition the packaging and filling processes are rationalised, e.g. as a result of consolidation of components using banderoles. This reduces the susceptibility to damage of the packing machines.


improvement in OEE


of waste


reduced administrative workload


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