Industrie: Medical Devices

The requirements within the medical technology sector are becoming increasingly complex and regulatory compliance on the subject of health plays an increasingly important role. Thus, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical products for the dental industry are forced to orient the packaging and labelling accordingly. Ever since the CLP Regulation (EU) 1272/2008 became effective, it is clear that a further increase in the legal requirements in the healthcare environment are to be expected in the coming years.

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The requirements within the medical technology industry are becoming ever more complex and the fulfillment of regulatory requirements around the topic of health are playing an increasingly important role. Thus, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are forced to align packaging and labeling accordingly. Since the entry into force of CLP Regulation (EU) 1272/2008 at the latest, it has become clear that a further increase in statutory claims in the healthcare environment is expected in the next few years.

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Dental Care

The Dental Care area, as a subsection within the medical technology sector, is an important market. There are indeed positive business expectations with stable growth rates due to a steadily growing demand for dental products and related services. Nevertheless, or maybe even therefore, manufacturers see themselves faced with increasing competition and price pressure in this area. In addition, compliance with complex regulatory requirements comes into play in many instances.

The packaging also has to meet this high diversity of innovative products, such as diagnostic equipment and products, dental pharmaceuticals, dental materials, dental instruments and auxiliary materials or dental implants. Apart from the aspect of developing tailor-made solutions for different requirements, services also play an essential role around the handling of the components such as, for example, their packaging or labelling. Find out more here...


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