Function: Interactive Packaging

For what has been a visionary whispering in the technical press a few years ago has now become a daily routine: The internet of things.The digital life has left behind the desktop-computer for good and is carried around in anyone‘s pants pocket. From the scale in the bathroom over the potted plant to the necklace of the cat everything is connectable. Digital and analogue reality are merging progressively to one. Which products arise and which parts of our lives are affected by this trend? The answer of this question changes often within a few weeks time, but certainly does digital transformation mean a long term technologisation of our living environment.

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MegaTrend Connectivity & Digitalisation

The internet of things also affects the Pharmaceutical industry. Via QR-Codes and radio technology, like NFC new ways of communication with the patient can be explored and on the same time data about the patient can be analyzed and used for further improvements. The FDA has already relaxed some of the regulations for medical devices and also the process of prescription at the doctor can partially be done online.

With the help of our competent partners Faller offers solutions, that go beyond the printing of QR-Codes or the application of RFID/NFC labels. We help you to offer your patients preparations with real added value, which not only provide extensive customized information but also enhanced security and more comfortable medication intake.

Explore the world of Interactive Packaging!

Folding Carton with NFC-Chip

Near Field Communication is an enhancement of RFID Technology. In contrast to RFID there is one standard for all industries. The chip can be read with any smartphone (except iPhone) and used for marketing and security purposes. Every chip has a unique identifier and is therefore forgery proof.
The NFC technology is already in use for payment and authentification purposes.

Folding Carton with Medication Card

Via QR-Code the patient can provide all relevant data on the homepage of Vitabook. After registering he receives his card number and a security code, which he notes down on his personal medication card. In case of emergency the doctor can retrieve the information of the patient stating the security code and guarantee the best treatment possible.

Folding Carton with Emergency QR

Via QR-Code the patient can register needy dependant relatives and who to call in case of emergency to ensure their proper care during his absence.
In case of emergency the helpers can retrieve the information stating the security code and ensure that needy relatives are taken care of.


Via QR-Code the patients reaches the homepage of Vitabook where he can order a new prescription at his doctors and have his medication delivered directly to the pharmacy of his choice. Furthermore a pill reminder can be activated which reminds the patient to take his medication daily.

Folding carton with integrated screen

Pharmaceutical secondary packaging offers many possibilities for supporting patient communication. For example, a built-in screen can be used to watch videos on the proper intake or use of the medications. The patient can thus be provided with important information that also aids compliance, which is more effective than written text.

Folding carton with integrated sound module

You are surely familiar from greeting cards with language modules integrated into the packaging. Then why not incorporate them in pharmaceutical packaging as well? The most important information on taking the medication, the contraindications and side effects can be conveniently read out loud for the blind, the visually impaired, and even the 98% of those who do not wish to read the leaflet.


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