Function: Finishing

Even for pharmaceutical products, sales are in part made by addressing the senses. Many consumers make spontaneous decisions; 70% at the point of sales. With this in mind, the packaging takes on a very special importance – it becomes an eye-catcher. With various effects, you can give your packaging a striking design and thus arouse the interest of customers.

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Finishing - a question of technique

To be successful in the future as well as the present, companies have to be able to adapt flexibly to the constant changes and developments of the pharmaceutical market. As a result of a lack of big money-spinners, generics pressing down on the market, expiring patents and the decline of prescription medicines, the pressure on the industry is increasing more and more. With August Faller's finishing options you finish your products so that they are more distinctive.

Finishing options

Folding cartons:

  • Embossing
  • Coating combinations
  • UV coatings
  • Silver and gold colours
  • Iriodin coatings and colours
  • Film lamination
  • Hot film embossing
  • Window gluing
  • Metallic effects using aluminium-fumed/aluminium-laminated material
  • etc.


Adhesive labels:

  • Coating combinations
  • UV coatings
  • Silver and gold colours
  • Cold film transfer
  • Braille using screen printing
  • etc.

boost in brand presence

Competitive differentiation

at Point of Sale

Increased security

via finishing combinations


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