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The safety of patients, complex treatment in everyday clinical life or even regulatory requirements demand solutions whereby the medication packaging increasingly serves as an extended documentation and information carrier. Discover the many and varied solutions from Faller!

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Removable documentation sections for labels, detachable cards on folding cartons or combinations of leaflets and additional information carriers such as flyers or brochures make pharmaceutical secondary packaging a multi-function carrier. Multipage or information labels also offer more room for texts or compliance-boosting patient information in the smallest space. To improve communication between the pharmacist, doctor and patient, we have developed various solutions for you. We’ll be happy to assist you so your product, too, can be a real documentation wonder!

Documentation label
Documentation label
Info Label
Info Label
Multipage Label
Multipage Label
Better documentation

for doctor and patient

More room

for information in the smallest space

Secure treatment

and promotion of compliance

Hanger Label

Award-winning multi-function label: the "Hanger Label Twist" and the "Hanger Info Label", which won the German Packaging Award and the WorldStar, prevents waste due to vertical hanging and offers more room for text and documentation sections in a small space. Read more...

Info label

The new info label is available in various versions. Whether with 2, 3 or 5 pages, the label can also be affixed to the smallest radiuses of your containers (vials, ampoules, bottles, etc.) and acts as an extended information carrier for texts, images, codes and similar.
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Outsert combinations

Would you like to provide your patients with more information on how to take the medication or the action of your product in addition to the information required by law? Find out more about the combination solutions with leaflets. No matter whether with a sample, a medication card or an additional leaflet. We band, affix or label your products and you save yourself investments in your systems. Read more...

Documentation label

Detachable, self-adhesive documentation sections in any form of label are used for documentation on administration, doses or similar in the patient files. Using the example of a label specially developed for dialysis filters, you can see the diverse options available.

Multipage Labels

Whether for product features, for detailed clinical studies or descriptions in several languages - the choice is yours. Find out more about the various applications of booklets or leaflets! Read more...

Lepo Label

The five-sided Lepo label consists of three layers that provide even more space for information. A special coating provides for static adhesion of the pages to each other, resulting in less soiling of the pages upon opening and reclosing than through the use of adhesive. Braille, printing variable data and high resistance to moisture make the Lepo label an all-round talent. Click here for more information on the application possibilities.

Patient Alert Card as a flag on the folding carton

This solution for a Patient Alert Card or other form of medication card involves a laminated paper or carton board card that is affixed to the folding carton with a transparent laminate. This makes it unnecessary to change any existing artwork. PP material is used as the standard laminate film. The adhesive used can vary from removable to super-permanent glues.
Click here for even more patient card solutions.



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