Function: Breakage prevention

Apart from solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules, powders, etc.), liquid and semi-solid medications are extremely susceptible to damage during transport and shipping. Current studies predict that liquid medications such as cancer drugs, biologics or medications in smaller fields of application will constitute almost a third of the entire global market in the next few years. The demand for individual and securely packaged containers such as bottles, syringes, vials, etc. will therefore continue to increase and require new packaging concepts.

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Packed safely

Faller offers pharmacists packaging from the standard solution through to the sophisticated special designs for almost all liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. For example, we are developing mono-material packaging for ampoules or syringes and folding cartons with compartments for challenging applications. As you can see, our innovative development team is always at the cutting edge of the current legislative guidelines and test methods for packaging.

More safety

for your products

Future fit

diverse solutions for dosage forms of the future

(biologicals, orphan drugs etc. – for liquid and semi-solid dosages)

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Find out here how you can package your fragile products easily and securely. 


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