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August Faller launches digital folding carton production with its subsidiary PackEx!

PackEx GmbH in Worms, is a subsidiary of Faller and specialised in the production of folding cartons in small and very small quantities. With the new company, Faller has set itself the goal to revolutionise the procurement and production of folding cartons in small-scale series. Fast, professional and environmentally friendly!

The new range is aimed at the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, but also at manufacturers in other sectors, such as consumer goods and food industries.

In order to be able to use the new PackEx offer, there are necessary prerequisites that must be fulfilled and individual customer conditions that must be defined. Customers who want to rely on the advantages by ordering via August Faller can book separate Faller Service Packages additionally. 

PackEx - digital Supply Chain
PackEx - digital Supply Chain
Make your Choice!
Make your Choice!

Digital Process for more efficiency

With PackEx, customers can place their orders via web-based software and receive their desired products in just a few days.

By comparison, traditional production methods can lead to delivery times of up to two months. The production of small and very small quantities is still time-consuming, costly and labour-intensive. 

A significant reduction in batch sizes, shorter delivery times, increasing regulatory requirements or the transformation from Block Buster into Niche Buster require new business models.  

With PackEx, August Faller is focusing on a new solution!

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Benefits of PackEx

    • Shorter Time-to-market
    • Optimised product management
    • Reduced ressources
    • Lower Total cost of ownership
    • Maximum customisable
    • Maximum availability
    • Professional and certified

Packex - the digital Supply Chain

PackEx avoids existing drawbacks in the printing industry through comprehensive process optimisation and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, in-house developments and patents. 

The result: drastically reduced production times, significantly lower unit costs - and no storage costs!

Additional Faller Services

Make Your Choice!

Customers from the pharmaceutical industry can take advantage of the new PackEx offer. If necessary requirements for an order at PackEx have been fulfilled and individual customer terms have been agreed, there are many benefits from which customers can benefit.

However, there is also the option of continuing to order via August Faller: In this case, customers can book individual Faller Service Packages (Admin Package, Logistic and Quality Packages) additionally and still benefit from all the advantages of the digital supply chain with PackEx! 

With added Faller Service Packages Faller takes care about order service, checks, packs and delivers - according to your wishes without any additional effort for you as a customer.

Advantages of booking Faller Services

    • One supplier
    • Best quality
    • August Faller takes care of packaging, checking and shipping
    • Maximum flexibility
    • High customisability
    • Fast delivery

    You want to know more?

    You want to know more about PackEx's innovative and digital supply chain?

    Contact us and together we will find a solution for an optimal order process.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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