Smart Packaging:

The intelligent packaging "thinks for the patient"

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly entering the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Technological progress offers new opportunities for drug packaging. Together with our partner Avnet Integrated, we have developed three smart packaging solutions. These show examples of how drug packaging will improve patient compliance in the future and facilitate the handling of medications. August Faller developed three packages as prototypes. With the developments we want to meet the increasing digitalization and the increasing interest in interactive packaging solutions.

Solution "Medical Prescription"

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Folding Carton with digital connection to App via Bluetooth 

With the smart packaging solution ‘Medical Prescription’, Faller has developed a digitised folding carton which supports patient compliance with regard to drug intake. The innovative packaging solution, which includes a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons), counts down the tablets, reminds the patient of the correct time to take them and alerts the patient when it is time to order a new prescription. 

The special feature: With the help of a specially developed app and via Bluetooth, doctors or pharmacists can transfer the prescription to the folding box.

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Solution "Counting Device"

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Folding Carton with counting device for tablets and intelligent reminder to reorder a medical prescription

The intelligent, interactive medication packaging ‘Counting Device’ is equipped with a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons). The integrated counting device allows the user to confirm the medication intake at the push of a button. A warning is shown on the e-paper display as soon as the number of tablets runs short.

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Solution "Fill Level Indicator"

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Folding Carton with fill level indicator for liquids

With the ‘Level Indicator’, the August Faller Group has designed the prototype for innovative medication packaging that captures the level of a bottle of liquid medicine at the push of a button and delivers it to the patient via an integrated display. The intelligent, interactive packaging is equipped with a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons).

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