Eco Save Pack

Fragile products, as shots, vials or ampoules need a safe product protection in combination with comfortable handling. On these demands we have developed and patented a folding carton with a product-fitted inlayer in cooperation with Bosch Packaging Technology.

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A smart folding carton construction

  • Mechanically product protection for punch, drop at transportation or storage, against pressure through separate chambers with tight engaged product
  • Ergonomical removal of the product out of the inlay (inlay is fixed in reclosable folding carton)
  • Format-flexible packaging at conventional horizontal cartoning machines
  • Shapely, optically appealing and recyclable ecological mono-package (use of carton means waiver of plastic inlays)
  • Possibility of adjuncts, as leaflets, booklets, outserts und pre-folded adhesive labels, from the role or sheet and also adjuncts, as shots, needles or pipettes etc.
  • Track und Trace can be integrated as a complete unit in the production line
  • Both components, folding carton and inlayer, are produced at Faller (product handling is a compact unit)
Diversity of application

Due to separation of carton and inlay diverse dosage forms...

...(shots, vials, ampoules etc.) can be quickly realised

The Eco l Save l Pack is produced on the cartoning machine CUT 120 from Bosch Packaging Technology. The format flexibility and size variability of the CUT 120 stays as usual and the machine can still be used for other packaging applications.

For the Eco l Save l Pack there is no thermoforming machine needed anymore. Through mono-packaging material you receive a higher efficiency, fewer processes and a formal beauty of the package.

If you are interested in cartoning machines, please contact the experts of Bosch:

Robert Bosch GmbH
Packaging Technology
Stuttgarter Straße 130
71332 Waiblingen

Günther Lade
Phone +49 711 811 57-213

Ralph Pfister
Phone +49 711 811 57-293


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