Combined Leaflets

Leaflets combined with additional documentation or information carriers increase the value of your product and improve compliance among patients. We’ll be happy to advise you!

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Cleverly combined

The leaflet, which is generally required by law, contains all information on side effects, contraindication or other regulatory mandatory texts and information.
It can be briefly explained to the patient once again how to take the medication or how it works on additional information carriers such as flyers, cards, multi-page labels or similar. This also acts as additional help for the patient and as a promotional area for the pharmacist. It is also possible to supplement the leaflet with product samples or templates. Discover the novel combination product solutions that we develop for you based on your needs!


Pharmacists often have no possibility of adding numerous leaflets/usage information on their dispensing lines in one procedure. Combining instructions and a leaflet with adhesive dots, package bands or labels thus enables the customer to deliver the product in one procedure. This boosts efficiency in the packaging process and the patient benefits from the additional information.


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