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Press releases

05.11.2018 | Press release
More space for information

August Faller Group provides a wide range of solutions for pharmaceutical packaging needs with more space for the communication of information.

Waldkirch, October 2018. These days, packaging for pharma and healthcare products is much more than simply a protective covering. It now plays an important role in communicating information and can support direct interaction between manufacturer and user. The August Faller Group supplies pharmaceutical product manufacturers with a broad-based range of innovative packaging and packaging components precisely geared to these requirements. Such components include individual folding cartons, labels, package inserts and combination products as well as interactive, digital solutions. Faller has now summarised the whole range in the form of a white paper.

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20.08.2018 | Press release
The One-Stop-Shop for Pharma Pack Solutions

August Faller presents its product and service portfolio at CPhI 2018

August 2018, Waldkirch, Germany. At CPhI Worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry's leading trade fair (9 to 11 October 2018, Madrid), packaging specialist August Faller presents its solutions in response the main challenges facing the sector: How it is possible to increase efficiency, improve functionality and ensure safety? Trade fair visitors will find concrete solutions to these issues at Stand 4B22.

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28.05.2018 | Press release
When the intelligent packaging knows when the next tablet needs to be taken

Faller’s Smart Packaging Solution “Medical Prescription” 

May 2018, Waldkirch, Germany. Intelligent, interactive pharmaceutical packaging with integrated electronics can improve compliance and help patients handle their medication intake more easily. With the Smart Packaging prototype “Medical Prescription”, Faller has developed a digitised folding carton which supports patient compliance with regard to medication intake. The innovative packaging solution, which includes a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons), counts down the tablets, reminds the patient of the correct time to take them and alerts the patient when it is time to order a new prescription. The special trick: With the help of an app developed in-house and via Bluetooth, doctors or pharmacists can transfer the individual dosage instructions onto the folding carton.

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07.05.2018 | Press release
Record investment and growth trend

2017 financial figures of August Faller GmbH & Co. KG 

April 2018, Waldkirch, Germany. The August Faller Group recorded a sales increase of three percent to €123 million in the 2017 financial year. The growth trend is expected to continue in 2018: the group plans an increase in sales of five percent to €129 million. To this end, Faller is announcing an investment budget of a record €17.8 million. A stable equity ratio of 44 percent, the first successful steps towards internationalisation with the positive development of companies in Denmark and Poland, as well as the further strengthening of the European production network, lead to expect another positive result in 2018.

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12.04.2018 | Press release
New offset printing press for Denmark

Faller enhances the Nordic branch by investing in the latest technology 

April 2018, Waldkirch / Hvidovre. The August Faller Group’s market share in the Nordic countries is growing continuously. By investing in a new offset printing press at the Hvidovre plant in Denmark, Faller aims to further enhance its market position for secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Northern Europe. 

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21.03.2018 | Press release
Smart Packaging counting device for taking tablets

Faller presents the Smart Packaging prototype “Counting Device” which makes counting tablets easier

March 2018, Waldkirch. With the Smart Packaging prototype of a “counting folding carton”, the August Faller Group has designed an innovative packaging solution to improve compliance and make handling the medicine easier for the patients. The intelligent, interactive pharmaceutical packaging is equipped with a small e-paper display and electronic controls (buttons). With the development of smarter packaging, this specialist for secondary packaging in the pharma/ pharmaceutical and healthcare industry meets the needs of increased digitalisation on the e-health market and the growing interest in interactive packaging solutions. 

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05.03.2018 | Press release
Intelligent folding carton with fill level measurement

Faller presents the Smart Packaging solution ‘Level Indicator’

March 2018, Waldkirch/Frankfurt. With the ‘Level Indicator’, the August Faller Group has designed the prototype for innovative medication packaging that captures the level of an opaque bottle of liquid medicine at the push of a button and delivers it to the patient via an integrated display. It is operated via a small e-paper display and using electronic controls (buttons). The intelligent, interactive packaging can help to improve compliance and make handling the medication easier for the patient or the laboratory user. 

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02.03.2018 | Press release
New offering: Fast and low-cost online ordering service for folding cartons in small batch sizes

The August Faller Group founds Digital Packaging Service GmbH

February 2018. Waldkirch/Worms (Germany). August Faller GmbH & Co KG is expanding its production network: Following the foundation of the new subsidiary Digital Packaging Service GmbH on 20. February 2018, with its digital ordering facility, customers will benefit in the near future from a new fast and low-cost way of ordering standard folding cartons with no minimum order quantities. What's new? Faller is the first supplier on the market to fully adopt a digital business model for all process levels. Customers will benefit in particular from significantly shorter lead times and set up costs. By the end of 2018, the new 4,000 m² surface area production site in Worms, Germany will be complete and able to provide test runs. As from spring 2019, customers will be able to benefit completely from all aspects of the new service model.

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13.02.2018 | Press release
Pharma Compliance Pack wins another award

The August Faller Group convinced the jury with its innovative solution supporting the intake of medication at the German Design Awards

February 2018, Waldkirch/Frankfurt. The packaging solution Pharma Compliance Pack from the August Faller Group combines two important industry requirements: It supports patients in correctly taking medication and fulfils the requirements regarding more room for information with its leporello label. The company has now received a further renowned distinction for the innovative solution that was already awarded the German Packaging award in 2016 and the Pharmapack Award in 2017: the German Design Award 2018 in the “Packaging” category. The award ceremony took place on February 9th at the Ambiente trade fair.

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12.12.2017 | Press release
Booklet label combines tamper-protection and drug information

August Faller’s new TEAM-Label for falsification-proof medicines

December 2017, Waldkirch. Pharmaceutical companies have a job on their hands. From February 2019, all medicines in the European Union will have to incorporate a unique identifier and an anti-tamper device. The need for an anti-tamper device means it will no longer be possible to consult the package leaflet. August Faller GmbH & Co. KG has therefore developed the TEAM-Label (tamper-evident and multi-page), combining a seal with a multi-page adhesive label.

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06.12.2017 | Press release
Smart Packaging solutions from Faller: innovative, interactive, and intelligent

Prototypes for the e-health market at Pharmapack 2018, 7-8 February, Stand E20

December 2017, Waldkirch. In keeping with the trade show motto "Innovation & Digitization" at this year's Paris Pharmapack, Faller is presenting three prototypes in line with the theme of smart packaging at its Stand number E20. The company’s folding boxes are designed to improve compliance and make it easier for patients to manage their medication. In addition, Faller is participating in the Innovation Gallery with its ELISA KIT BOX for packaging different kit components.

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29.11.2017 | Press release
Bellwyck and Faller establish Joint Venture in Germany

Logistics and packaging services for clinical trials added to portfolio

November 2017, Waldkirch (Germany) / Toronto (Canada). Waldkirch, Germany based pharmaceutical packaging specialist August Faller GmbH & Co. KG and Toronto, Canada based Bellwyck Pharma Services have agreed to form a joint venture. Bellwyck and Faller each hold 50 percent of the shares in the new Bellwyck Faller Pharmaceutical Services GmbH, located in Grossbeeren, Brandenburg, Germany. All staff employed at the PharmaServiceCenter Packaging Services location in Grossbeeren will be kept on by the new company. Beginning in early 2018, in addition to the existing contract packaging services, the joint venture will offer packaging and logistics services for clinical trials.

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29.09.2017 | Press release
Strong and flexible packaging for test reagents

Faller‘s ELISA-KIT Box simplifies manual packaging

September 2017, Waldkirch. Faller’s new ELISA-KIT Box is ideal for packing diagnostic kit components of various formats quickly and safely. The standard packaging dimensions of the folding box with inserts ensures optimum utilisation of the entire packing volume in a handy, compact design. The multifunctional cardboard construction simplifies manual packaging, making it highly suitable for small production volumes.

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31.08.2017 | Press release
Smart Packaging – Pharma packaging solutions of the future

Faller at the CPhI, Frankfurt am Main: Hall 4.2 / Stand J30

August 2017, Waldkirch. August Faller Group is set to showcase its smart packaging solutions for the healthcare and pharma industry at CPhI 2017. The pharma packaging and label specialist will be informing visitors about the possible uses of intelligent and active packaging solutions which support patient compliance and improve communication between patient, doctor and pharmacist.

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13.06.2017 | Press release
More information for personalised medicine and diagnostics

Complete packaging solutions from Faller for diagnostic equipment

June 2017, Waldkirch. August Faller GmbH & Co. KG is offering diagnostic equipment manufacturers a new service package tailored specifically to their needs with customised label and folding carton solutions. The pharmaceutical packaging specialist has developed labels to make it easier to personalise sample containers in a clear way that supports compliance with the necessary labelling requirements. Special folding carton designs also ensure the safe protection of products.

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23.05.2017 | Press release
App offers secure monitoring of temperature-sensitive drugs

August Faller and Avery Dennison cooperate to bring intelligent label for temperature monitoring to market

June 2017, Waldkirch. Drugs such as vaccines or antibodies are sensitive products. Storage temperatures that are too high or too low can affect their quality and efficacy. With the new temperature logger TT Sensor Plus™ 2, the August Faller Group, in cooperation with Avery Dennison, offers an intelligent label which ensures that drugs can be monitored over 3 years with more than 150,000 temperature measurements stored and which is also considerably more compact than ordinary solutions. Using an app makes it easy to provide complete temperature monitoring of medication required to be maintained at low temperatures or during the entire cold chain. At the push of a button, an LED indicator on the label indicates whether the cold chain has been maintained and the product can continue to be used.

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23.05.2017 | Press release
Everything at your fingertips

The new Faller App „Faller CIS" offers greater transparency in the ordering process

May 2017, Waldkirch. August Faller GmbH & Co. KG continues to expand its digital services: Customers can now download the new Faller App to check the status of their orders conveniently and flexibly using their mobile device. With this app, Faller is delivering increased transparency within the supply chain process, offering pharmaceutical manufacturers greater planning reliability thanks to the order tracking function. August Faller is the first company within the industry to offer this service.

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20.03.2017 | Press release
Improved film protection

New combination product for package inserts from August Faller

March 2017. Waldkirch. August Faller GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its combination product portfolio. Until now, multiple information carriers for pharmaceutical products could be combined in the form of banderols, labels and adhesive dots. Now the specialist in pharmaceutical packaging has also made it possible to combine a package leaflet with a patient alert card in a sealed film. Pharmacists benefit from more efficient packaging and improved product protection.

Increasingly, cartons for some pharmaceutical products contain – along with the standard regulatory leaflet – other information carriers such as patient alert cards and medical alert cards. These cards, which patients carry on them, provide information quickly for hospitals and doctors in an emergency.

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14.02.2017 | Press release
Pharma Compliance Pack by August Faller receives another award

Simple and safe tablet administration

February 2017. Waldkirch/Paris. Medicines only work well if patients take them correctly. The Pharma Compliance Pack by August Faller GmbH & Co. KG can assist. The company, which was honoured with the German packaging prize in 2016 for this innovative solution, has received another award for it: the Pharmapack Europe Award in the “Exhibitor Innovations” category. On 1st February, Tanja Feldmüller, Head of Marketing & Innovation at August Faller, accepted the award during the Pharmapack Europe 2017 awards ceremony in Paris: “We are delighted to have been honoured once again. This confirms to us that in our development work, we must always keep the added value to the user in focus when creating innovative packaging solutions.”

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14.12.2016 | Press release
Individualised packaging solutions for small batch sizes

 August Faller at Pharmapack Europe, Paris: 01.02. to 02.02.2017, Stand M68

Waldkirch. Customised individual solutions for packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector are gaining in importance. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies are focusing on smaller batch sizes and carefully considered packaging services. For this reason, products and services for individualised and personalised packaging solutions are also in focus in the case of August Faller GmbH & Co. KG at Pharmapack Europe 2017 (Stand M68) in Paris. The portfolio of the pharmaceutical specialist for short production runs ranges from standard folding boxes, special designs for clinical trials through special labels with integrated information carriers such as patient alert cards, to packaging services for small to medium quantities.

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15.11.2016 | Press release
Innovative packaging and labels from August Faller increase compliance and provide more space for information

Pharma Compliance Pack and Leporello labels are the current trend

November 2016. Waldkirch/Nürnberg. Customer requirements for guided medication in conjunction with increasing demand for multi-sided labels offering plenty of space for information have led to the development of two innovative products at the August Faller Group: The packaging solution Pharma Compliance Pack makes it easier for patients to take their medicine, thereby improving their treatment compliance. The innovative, five-sided Leporello label is our response to the increasing need to provide space for more information, for example on account of stricter requirements regarding multilingual texts and new statutory directives in respect to text design and readability.

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27.10.2016 | Press release
Information carrier integrated into packaging

Intelligent packaging solutions for patient cards from August Faller

Waldkirch. Patient Alert Cards, Medical Alert Cards, organ donation or implant ID cards – portable cards integrated into drug packaging are becoming increasingly important and more and more relevant for patients. The August Faller Group already provides versatile packaging solutions for this sector and now presents its latest developments to the industry. This includes individual cards made of durable DryPeel material, affixing a drug or patient card at the top of a package as a “flag” or a folded, six-sided card that is integrated directly into the folding carton design. All solutions can be easily integrated into existing packaging processes at pharmaceutical manufacturers, thus ensuring effective production in mechanised production and packaging processes.

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10.08.2016 | Press release
August Faller presents individualised packaging solutions for small lot sizes

CPhI Barcelona: 4/10 to 6/10/2016, Booth 2H30, Hall 2, InnoPack Gold Area  

Waldkirch. At the leading industry exhibition for pharmaceutical chemicals, the CPhI 2016 in Barcelona, August Faller GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting products and services for individualised and personalised packaging solutions. The portfolio of the pharmaceutical specialist, a company that focuses on small production runs, ranges from the standard folding carton, special designs for clinical trials, and special labels through to packaging services for small to mid-sized amounts.

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31.05.2016 | Press release
WorldStar Award 2016: August Faller impresses expert jury with “Hanger Info Label”

Practical and reliable solution for hanging infusions

Waldkirch/Budapest. Complete and uniform emptying, good documentation, sufficient space for work instructions in different languages, quick, hygienic and easy to use – the “Hanger Info Label” from August Faller GmbH & Co. KG meets all the requirements that are important for treatment in hospital intensive care units. The jury of WorldStar Awards 2016 was of the same opinion and gave the product an award. The solution provider for pharmaceutical secondary packaging beat a total of 293 entries from 35 countries with their “Hanger Info Label”. The award ceremony took place in Budapest, Hungary on 26 May 2016.

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02.05.2016 | Press release
Integrating Artwork Solutions into the Pharma Packaging Supply Chain

Pharma Print Design GmbH, a subsidiary of August Faller GmbH & Co. KG, began operating as August Faller Artwork Solutions GmbH from 01 May onwards.

Waldkirch. The August Faller Group will combine their marketing and sales activities under the August Faller brand on the international market. As part of their corporate strategy, August Faller GmbH & Co. KG is giving their subsidiary Pharma Print Design GmbH a new name: the artwork management specialist began operating under the name August Faller Artwork Solutions GmbH from 1 May 2016 onwards. The renaming will enable the group to strengthen their position in the market as an integral pharmaceutical packaging solution provider for the entire supply chain.

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15.04.2016 | Press release
Working towards a digital and international future

August Faller achieves an increase in turnover and gears up for new markets

Waldkirch. The August Faller Group achieved a turnover of €123.4 million in 2015. This represents an almost 3% increase in turnover on the previous year. Last year, the specialist in pharmaceutical packaging pressed ahead with its plans to digitalise its business and production processes to set the course for further business growth. Since early April of this year, the pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging solution provider August Faller has operated in the legal form of a GmbH & Co. KG. Dr Michael Faller and Dr Daniel Keesman, Managing Partners at August Faller, regard the new legal form as an important step to the further internationalisation of the Group. After a successful first quarter of 2016, the company is looking forward to the current financial year with optimism. “We expect further turnover growth for 2016 in what is a challenging market environment,” Dr Daniel Keesman remarked.

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04.04.2016 | Press release
Complete range of August Faller for pharmaceutical and medical products used in the dental industry: Packaging plus packaging services

Packaging of small quantities as based on recipient requirements

Waldkirch. Due to the currently valid regulatory framework for medical technology that has been in force since mid-2015, the requirements for the packaging of dental pharmaceuticals and diagnostic devices used in the dental field have become much more complex. Folding cartons, leaflets and adhesive labels for dental auxiliary materials today must meet almost the same requirements that are in place for the pharmaceutical industry. As a leading provider of solutions for all pharmaceutical secondary packaging requirements, the August Faller Group now offers a whole set of solutions specifically designed for manufacturers of medical products used in dentistry.

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16.02.2016 | Press release
On the path to digital transformation

August Faller focuses on digitising business processes and communication with customers and for product solutions

Waldkirch. Digitisation is making inroads in industry and changing corporate communication both internally and externally. The August Faller Group wants to keep up with this trend and is therefore increasing the company’s digitisation in various areas – from direct communication with customers, in production and supply chain processes, right through to the development of digital product solutions.

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13.01.2016 | Press release
Focus on patient communication and serialisation - August Faller at Pharmapack 2016

August Faller at Pharmapack 2016, Hall 5.2, Stand 307

Waldkirch. With the possibilities of interactive packaging solutions for patient communication and the serialisation of folding cartons and labels in accordance with the delegated EU legislative acts, the trade fair appearance of August Faller Group at Pharmapack in Paris is focusing on two hot topics. At the trade fair in Hall 5.2, Stand 307, the secondary packaging specialist for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is presenting different solutions for these issues.

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