Intelligent folding boxes think with the patient

2018-08-15 | Product-News
Packaging of the future

The intelligent packaging thinks with you.

Increasingly, the Internet of Things is finding its way into the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Technological progress is providing more and more new possibilities for drug packaging. Together with our partner Avnet Integrated we have developed three Smart Packaging solutions that demonstrate the possibilities offered by interactive packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. 

» Would you like to learn more about how the filling level of a bottle is measured without opening the packaging? 

» Should the packaging automatically remind the patient when it’s time to take the medicine or to order a new prescription? 

Answers to these and other questions can be found in our new videos on “Smart Packaging”. You can quickly and concisely find out about the potential offered for patient compliance, safety and therapeutic success.

Explore opportunities to communicate with your patients in a better and more targeted way in the future.

Click here for the Smart Packaging videos. more
Mathias Felber, Vice President Business Europe at August Faller GmbH & Co. KG

2018-08-15 | Product-News
Product launch using Faller launch concept

We are here to ensure the successful and timely introduction of your product onto the market.

“Market launches for new products or the introduction of existing products in additional countries is a truly complex critical matter for our clients,” said Mathias Felber, Vice President for Business Europe at the August Faller Group.

We’re currently seeing an increased demand for launch concepts in the pharmaceutical industry, calling for very fast delivery times for the introduction of new products. The general rule is that the product that appears in the pharmacy first is the one which is purchased the most. This means that the time pressure faced by pharmacists is highly significant. 

This is where the Faller launch concept comes in, reducing the time-to-market and simplifying the sourcing process. For standard packaging products, the process is expected to have a delivery time of three to five days, and more complex packaging, such as folding cartons with integrated leaflets, may take 6-8 days for delivery. One contact person at the August Faller Group is responsible for the coordination between three production sites, making the project significantly easier.

Which services make up the launch concept?

  • Artwork management
  • Manufacture of the three packaging products folding cartons, leaflets, adhesive labels
  • Delivery concept

The benefits of the Faller launch concept for you:

  • We consider the time-critical factors and devise an itinerary together with you.
  • There is only one contact person to support you throughout the entire process.
  • Time-critical delivery deadlines are met using weekend shifts, and all packaging products are dispatched in one shipment.

Our motto:

» everything from one source «
» delivered on time and «
» always well received «

More information and proposals for Supply Chain Optimization

Please have a look at the enlarged PDF of Faller launch concept. more
Handing over the printers\\\' dunking ceremony document

2018-07-31 | Company-News
Summer, sun...summer fair!

Faller is celebrating in Waldkirch.

The sun shone bright on Saturday, 30 June 2018 for the Faller staff party. After the traditional Gautschen (printers’ dunking ceremony), team games were next on the agenda. All of the participants and spectators had great fun with the dry ski slope and Bobby Car races. Knocking over all the beakers in the tin can alley and hitting the bullseye in darts turned out to be harder than it looked.

A food truck provided gastronomic delights and a cocktail bar added colour to drinks orders. True to the motto “Faller in motion”, a DJ brought the beats for dancing, inviting those present to stay a while longer. 

The traditional Gautschen ceremony of dunking printers and media designers cooled things down and added great variety.

This year, the “media technology printing” and “media designer” trainees were also dunked, as well as long-standing employees who had not taken part in the ceremony yet. “Grab hold! Let his rear end fall on this wet sponge until both cheeks are sodden” read the rites from the Gautschbrief [Gautschen deed] of the Badenia Buchdruckerei of 1930. Under the supervision of the Master of Ceremonies and the staff, you take a bath in the water basin and are presented with the Gautschbrief. “Only then have you really finished your training,” says Jürgen Herr, head of printing and printing services at the Waldkirch site. The mandatory water bath is always the highlight of the works party.

About Gautschen:

Gautschen is a printers’ tradition dating back to the 16th century in which a trainee, after passing their final exams, is dunked in a barrel and/or sat on a wet sponge during an exoneration ceremony. The term “Gautschen” originally refers to the first step of draining the paper after dipping it, of taking the freshly dipped paper off the sieve and placing it on a felt pad.

More information on Gautschen is provided by Bundesverband Druck und Medien. more
Apprentices of August Faller GmbH & Co. KG in Waldkirch and Natalie Anhorn, responsible for apprenticeship (on the right)

2018-07-31 | Company-News
Apprentices get involved with the Lebenshilfe Kinzig und Elztal

Social commitment of the apprentices of August Faller at Waldkirch site.

Under the direction of Natalie Anhorn, apprentices from the August Faller Group are supervised during their specialist training. Having to organise projects themselves encourages and supports the young people in their personal development. It’s important to the apprentices that they carry out their projects in the social field.

And this year, the Lebenshilfe Kinzig und Elztal was delighted to be the Faller apprentices’ social project. On 29.06.18, the organisation marked its 50th year with an anniversary celebration organised with the support of the apprentices. In coordination with the Lebenshilfe staff, the apprentices were responsible for setting up and packing away the festivities at the host’s venue. All the table and room decorations and the materials purchased were entirely organised and set up by the apprentices. The assistance they provided in taking care of the numerous residents and visitors was gratefully accepted.

“It was a really great experience to get to know the residents of the institution in Elzach and the work of Lebenshilfe Kinzig und Elztal,” said Justine Linder, apprentice administrative assistant at August Faller Group.

About Lebenshilfe Kinzig und Elztal:

Lebenshilfe im Kinzig- und Elztal helps people with disabilities by providing employment, care and accommodation. The association counsels and supports their relatives. It strives to enable people with disabilities to play a part in community life throughout the Kinzig- und Elztal region. Further information is provided on Lebenshilfe Kinzig und Elztal more
Global Challenge at August Faller

2018-06-27 | Company-News
Global Challenge – The journey begins on 23.05.18 in Machu Picchu, Peru

Staying healthy throughout your life – 32 teams from the August Faller Group are taking part in the Global Challenge Programme by Virgin Pulse 

The journey of the August Faller teams from South America, Africa and Europe began on 23th May 2018, leading – in a virtual sense – to a destination which will first be revealed after 100 days, the end of the challenge. Even in the first few days, the 224 participants could be spotted, filled with vigour, while running, cycling, swimming and often at the gym. The friendly competition, including teams outside their own company, motivates and supports the participants in their efforts to lead a healthier life with enough exercise.

The teams are each made up of 7 people from all divisions of the company. The creativity of the team names leaves us in no doubt that all of them are intending to have plenty of fun. We can’t wait to see whether the SportfreundeChiller are taking their steps with ease or whether the FANTASTIC7 reach their goal before the Las  Vegas Avengers. Could Die Sieben Zwerge with plenty of Frauenpower be at a disadvantage against the Flying Donuts

After only 2 weeks, the 224 participants have already taken a combined total of over 16 million steps and ca. 2.2 cycling steps. This corresponds to a distance of 12,000 kilometres. 

Almost 40,000 teams with ca. 277,000 people from more than 100 countries are taking part in the competition overall. The participants can take part in mini challenges with teams from 6 continents, the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, India as well as Australia and Oceania. It’s very exciting to be a part of this worldwide campaign. more
Presentation of Smart Packaging Solutions by our product manager, Benjamin Rist

2018-06-18 | Company-News
Apprentices get involved with the Lebenshilfe Kinzig und Elztal

Successful seminars and networking in Copenhagen and Stockholm in May 2018.

It was a great pleasure to welcome more than 30 customers and prospects in Copenhagen on 14th May 2018 and two days later in Stockholm. The attendees could profit from insights into the pharma secondary packaging area and the challenges both for suppliers and manufacturers.

“Not only serialization, tamper evidence and digitization are needs that worry the pharma packaging market but 

• reduced times-to-market
• small volumes
• digital printing and
• new ideas to support Compliance & Convenience

move the minds too” the team at August Faller identified.

All participants showed great interest in the presentations as well as the accompanying small exhibition. Especially the Smart Packaging Solutions attracted much attention. Everybody enjoyed the lively discussions and interactions.

Find more information on The Future of Pharma Packaging more

2018-05-14 | Company-News
Record investment and growth trend

2017 financial figures of August Faller GmbH & Co. KG reflect the growth trend

The August Faller Group recorded a sales increase of three percent to €123 million in the 2017 financial year. The growth trend is expected to continue in 2018: the group plans an increase in sales of five percent to €129 million. To this end, Faller is announcing an investment budget of a record €17.8 million. A stable equity ratio of 44 percent, the first successful steps towards internationalisation with the positive development of companies in Denmark and Poland, as well as the further strengthening of the European production network, lead to expect another positive result in 2018. more
Rapida 76 by König & Bauer

2018-05-04 | Company-News
By investing in a new offset printing press Faller aims to further enhance its market position in Scandinavia.

In purchasing the new KBA Rapida 76 press, the first model of its kind to be sold in the world, Faller is following the trend towards automated offset presses and increasingly more coloured medication packaging.

The market share of the August Faller Group in the Nordic countries is growing continuously. By investing in a new offset printing press at the Hvidovre plant in Denmark, Faller aims to further enhance its market position for secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Northern Europe. 

“The August Faller Group is constantly expanding its market shares in the Nordic countries. Introducing the new offset press is a further step towards being able to grow even faster in these countries,” says Christian Holmskov, Managing Director of August Faller A/S in Hvidovre, Denmark. more
August Faller Group founds Digital Packaging Service GmbH

2018-04-19 | Company-News
New offering: Fast and low-cost online ordering service for folding cartons in small batch sizes

August Faller Group founds Digital Packaging Service GmbH

August Faller GmbH & Co KG is expanding its production network: Following the foundation of the new subsidiary Digital Packaging Service GmbH on 20. February 2018, with its digital ordering facility, customers will benefit in the near future from a new fast and low-cost way of ordering standard folding cartons with no minimum order quantities. What's new? Faller is the first supplier on the market to fully adopt a digital business model for all process levels. Customers will benefit in particular from significantly shorter lead times and set up costs. By the end of 2018, the new 4,000 m² surface area production site in Worms, Germany will be complete and able to provide test runs. As from spring 2019, customers will be able to benefit completely from all aspects of the new service model. more

2018-02-03 | Product-News
Pharma Compliance Pack wins another award

The August Faller Group convinced the jury with its innovative solution supporting the intake of medication at the German Design Awards 

The packaging solution Pharma Compliance Pack from the August Faller Group combines two important industry requirements: It supports patients in correctly taking medication and fulfils the requirements regarding more room for information with its leporello label. The company has now received a further renowned distinction for the innovative solution that was already awarded the German Packaging award in 2016 and the Pharmapack Award in 2017: the German Design Award 2018 in the “Packaging” category. The award ceremony took place on February 9th at the Ambiente trade fair. more

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