2019-09-13 |
Continuous improvement through many own ideas

Continuous optimization plays an important role in our daily lives: We want to use the knowledge and skills of all our colleagues to be successful together in the future.

In 2014, we introduced our Ideefix ideas management system to address the many small opportunities for improvement that are noticeable in our daily work and have not yet been implemented. The suggestions for improvement revolve around sustainability, work safety and savings in materials, time and costs. more

2019-09-02 |

Today a new phase in Faller's life begins for 13 new apprentices: The start into professional life.

We warmly welcome all new trainees and wish you much success on your way! more

2019-08-19 |
Faller trainees get involved in Waldkirch residential and nursing home

For 10 years our trainees have been involved in the campaign "Social commitment" for institutions in the region. This year, they supported the St. Nikolai Spitalfonds residential and nursing home, including the restoration of park benches.

Twelve trainees visited the nursing home, restored park benches, spent time with the residents, baked cakes and exchanged ideas. On the second day, a walk around the Stadtrainsee and a tour of Faller Plant 1 in Waldkirch were on the agenda. more

2019-08-13 |
Faller offers new DryPeel Flag Label for reliable documentation

August Faller has developed a new label. The DryPeel Flag label consists of three material layers and is particularly suitable for documentation and simple product marking. The label can be removed in partial layers without leaving any residue or adhesive. It enables doctors, for example, to safely and accurately document the use of an anaesthetic or a vaccine.

The middle layer of the DryPeel Flag Label is easy to separate from the base label. More part labels can also be removed for descriptions: for marking injection vials in medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry or laboratories. These can be designed in such a way that they adhere to the container and stand out like a flag. The user can mark them easily and legibly with a ballpoint or transparency pen. more

2019-07-25 |
Faller presents environmentally-friendly multi-page adhesive label

The sustainability of packaging is gaining in importance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. To react efficiently to this situation, August Faller has developed a multi-page adhesive label for glass, plastic, paper and cardboard containers – without the usual film lamination.

The label is made of paper and can be safely and completely recycled – making a significant contribution to more environmentally-friendly pharmaceutical packaging. The innovative idea was realised at the Faller factory in Schopfheim, southern Baden-Württemberg, which specialises in the production of labels. more

2019-07-18 |
August Faller wins FINAT Award

This year, the coveted FINAT Award in the "multi-layer labels" category goes to August Faller. The packaging specialist convinced the jury with its Faller info label. The multi-page info label offers sufficient free space on the smallest possible surface – and it can be handled easily by manufacturers and users alike.

The need for information on pharmaceutical packaging is increasing rapidly, because as well as legally-prescribed information, labels must also contain more and more application aids for doctors, pharmacists and patients – often in the form of pictograms or multi-lingual versions. more

2019-07-09 |
Faller executives beat their way through the wilderness

Cooperation based on trust, an open communication culture and a strong community are an important part of the secret of our success. In order to keep these factors alive, our managers from all countries and locations recently met to exchange ideas outside of their everyday working lives.

However, this meeting was very unusual: the entire team spent 2 days together in the wilderness. Instead of calculations, planning and budget rounds, the program now included tracking, making fires, or determining plants, animal tracks and mushrooms. more

2019-07-04 |
August Faller on the road: A great success

Munich, Frankfurt and Lörrach: these were the venues for our exclusive seminars "The Future of Pharmaceutical Packaging" from 25th to 27th June 2019. More than 100 customers gladly accepted our invitation and thus obtained a condensed overview of current requirements, trends, technologies and innovations in the world of pharmaceutical packaging.

"As a long-standing and experienced specialist for pharmaceutical packaging, we wanted to give our customers, prospects and partners an exclusive insight into the latest market developments and their future opportunities," explains Dr. Daniel Keesmann, Managing Partner at August Faller. "To put it simply, our goal was to make life easier for our customers." more

2019-06-13 |
August Faller produced 10,000 folding cartons at short notice

On a Thursday afternoon in the summer of 2018 we received an emergency call: The pharmaceutical company G. Pohl-Boskamp needed 10,000 cartons to deliver a drug for wasp stings. On the market, this product became temporarily scarce. A potentially dangerous supply shortage was imminent.

The packaging was already ordered, but not scheduled until about two weeks later. Reacting quickly and with great commitment, we put all the levers into action to produce and deliver the boxes earlier: the order planning was changed and the production team put in an extra weekend shift. On Tuesday morning, the packaging was delivered to the customer in Hohenlockstedt, 850 kilometers away, in Schleswig-Holstein. more

2019-05-29 |
August Faller wins German Innovation Award 2019

August Faller has won the German Innovation Award 2019. At the ceremony in Berlin on May 28, we received the coveted award, which is awarded by the German Design Council, in the category "Excellence in Business to Business - Medical Technologies".

Our interactive packaging solution "Medical Prescription" was awarded. The digitized folding carton automatically monitors the number of tablets it contains and reminds the patient of the timely intake of medication with an integrated clock, an LED and an acoustic signal. more



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