2019-02-15 |
Intelligently designed laboratory system

Special Mention for the ELISA-KIT BOX at the German Design Award 2019

Test reagents for diagnostics can be packaged securely and flexibly with our ELISA-KIT Box. The clever and convenient packaging design also impressed the judges at the German Design Award. more

2019-02-12 |
Complex urgent orders delivered in 48 hours

Short-term requirements (Fast Track Scenarios) of our customer Takeda demand, among other things, reliable just-in-time delivery of the packaging by August Faller. Here, the Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on our individual launch concept and our one-stop-shop service:

We produce all components, i.e. printed folding boxes, banded and labelled outsert package inserts as well as adhesive labels in various designs, in parallel and deliver them within 48 hours. Guaranteed. more

2019-01-30 |
Champagne and gifts for anniversary and retirement

We honoured seven employees for their many years of working for August Faller with a ceremony in Waldkirch on 29th January. Three colleagues retired. Our jubilees enjoyed champagne, a dinner together and a few small gifts.

220 years with August Faller: That's the result of adding up the length of employment of the seven anniversary employees who were celebrated last Tuesday evening at the restaurant Hotel "Zum Storchen" in Waldkirch. Last year, four colleagues celebrated their 25th anniversary at the company, three even their 40th. August Faller's management team headed by Dr. Daniel Keesman and Dr. Michael Faller, the division managers and executives, as well as the mayors of Denzlingen and Gutach, did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the honoured personally. more

2019-01-16 |
Higher availability and more options

We continue to expand our production capacities

Our brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL press has been in operation at our Waldkirch site since November 2018. This enables us to offer our customers even greater product availability and additional options for designing individual, contemporary packaging solutions. more
Lutz Benz takes over the certificate from Jannis Klonk (KEFF)

2018-11-26 |
Gipfelstürmer Award 2018 - Energy efficiency for medium-sized businesses

2018 Gipfelstürmer Award Finalist. The August Faller Group presents its exemplary work in sustainable energy-saving solutions

The German state of Baden-Württemberg awards the “2018 Gipfelstürmer Award” to businesses that have completed a free energy efficiency analysis (KEFF check) and then implemented initiatives to improve their business processes. The Ministry of the Environment was impressed by the quality of the 23 submissions. The August Faller Group was one of the 10 finalists and is proud of the efforts it has made to reduce CO2 emissions. more

2018-11-15 |
CPhI 2018 - Trade fair team sets an orange tone

August Faller Group presents innovations in the Innopack field more
The area for communication can be expanded in different ways with different packaging materials

2018-10-16 |
Real information heroes – flexible possibilities for every packaging material

How the August Faller Group is imaginatively expanding the area for communication on pharmapackaging.

“Our customers are faced with the challenge of providing ever more information on packaging. However, this area is very limited due to the small size of the medicinal product packaging,” according to Kerstin Löffler, Head of Marketing & Innovation. The August Faller Group is offering various options that cleverly expand the area for communication on pharmaceutical packaging. more
Our new apprentices at their start on 03rd Sept. 2018 together with Natalie Anhorn, Head of Training

2018-10-02 |
Welcome aboard the Faller Group

A warm welcome to our new apprentices. 

The new Faller intake started on the 3rd September 2018. A total of 19 apprentices involved in 10 apprenticeships and 2 study programmes will be trained in Waldkirch, Binzen and Schopfheim over the next few years. Faller offers countless opportunities for training – whether the young people are interested in tailor-made craftsmanship or want to operate high-tech machinery: there are roles as media designers, media technologists, packaging technology technologists, industrial clerks, electronics technicians, to name just a few. They can also study business administration and business informatics alongside. more
Intelligent folding boxes think with the patient

2018-08-15 |
Packaging of the future

The intelligent packaging thinks with you.

Increasingly, the Internet of Things is finding its way into the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Technological progress is providing more and more new possibilities for drug packaging. Together with our partner Avnet Integrated we have developed three Smart Packaging solutions that demonstrate the possibilities offered by interactive packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. more
Mathias Felber, Vice President Business Europe at August Faller GmbH & Co. KG

2018-08-15 |
Product launch using Faller launch concept

We are here to ensure the successful and timely introduction of your product onto the market. more



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