2019-03-11 | Company-News

August Faller and Perigord announce Joint Venture

August Faller and Perigord Premedia Ltd. announce entering a joint venture, with Perigord acquiring a majority stake in our sudsidiary August Faller Artwork Solutions (AFAS) GmbH.

Perigord, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is the market leader in providing labelling and artwork management services to the Life Science Industry. With sites already in the US, Ireland and Asia, the partnership with the Faller Group gives the company a platform to grow its business in continental Europe. For August Faller, the joint venture is equally promising: We believe the management expertise, domain knowledge and digital technology Perigord bring to AFAS will be major drivers in the growth of the business. We are delighted to be part of the continued success of AFAS.

For more information see our press release.

Dr. Daniel Keesman (left), Managing Partner of the August Faller Group, and Alan Leamy, CEO of Perigord, are looking forward to their future cooperation.



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