2019-02-12 | Success Stories

Complex urgent orders delivered in 48 hours

Short-term requirements (Fast Track Scenarios) of our customer Takeda demand, among other things, reliable just-in-time delivery of the packaging by August Faller. Here, the Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer relies on our individual launch concept and our one-stop-shop service:

We produce all components, i.e. printed folding boxes, banded and labelled outsert package inserts as well as adhesive labels in various designs, in parallel and deliver them within 48 hours. Guaranteed.

"Speed and flexibility are key in the pharmaceutical industry. With August Faller, we are perfectly set in terms of product packaging – even when dealing with especially urgent orders."

Gabriele Baier, Procurement Business Partner Takeda

Your benefits:   

  • Flexibility when dealing with urgent orders (fast tracks)
  • Materials and tools for various formats available
  • Complete packaging from one provider
  • Premium quality with very short delivery times

The challenge:

So-called "Fast Track Scenarios", i.e. rush orders in small quantities, repeatedly arise from short-term requirements. Since the company itself does not stock the required packaging, it must be delivered as quickly as possible if required. Takeda is counting on August Faller as its production partner.

The packaging consists of printed folding cartons, banded and labelled outsert leaflets with sleeve as well as adhesive labels in various designs. The requirement to deliver all components within 48 hours requires efficient coordination of all production and logistics processes.

The solution:       

With our innovative launch concept, which drastically shortens product delivery times, we were able to fully meet Takeda's high demands. All processes are planned in detail in advance across all plants, and materials and tools are available at all times. When we receive an order, we can immediately start production of the folding cartons, leaflets and labels.

Takeda thus receives everything from a single source - reliably within 48 hours of receiving the order. This enables Takeda to process urgent orders of up to 5,000 units quickly and flexibly, and the required medicines are promptly delivered to customers all over the world.

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