2019-02-15 | Success Stories

Intelligently designed laboratory system

Special Mention for the ELISA-KIT BOX at the German Design Award 2019

Test reagents for diagnostics can be packaged securely and flexibly with our ELISA-KIT Box. The clever and convenient packaging design also impressed the judges at the German Design Award.

"An intelligently designed system that can be flexibly adapted to laboratory requirements." This is how the jury of the German Design Award justified the award for our ELISA-KIT BOX. On February 2019, the packaging solution was given a “Special Mention” at the awards ceremony in Frankfurt for excellent product design in the field of packaging. 

With the ELISA-KIT BOX, we wanted to develop a multifunctional packaging that can be used for the very different ELISA-KITs despite its uniform packaging dimensions. Using two inserts, the fluid kit components of different sizes can be securely fixed, guaranteeing the required level of damage protection. The inserts, which lie on top of one another, also add to the stability of the box and ensure the best possible level of protection for the product. Another advantage: The inserts can be used in modular form as required and depending on the number of bottles.

“We are thrilled about this award,” said Dr Michael Faller, managing partner of the August Faller Group. “Lots of great ideas from our team were incorporated into the development of the ELISA-KIT BOX. This prize gives recognition for our work and honours the achievements of the developers.”

Please find more information in our press release and at www.german-design-award.com



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