2019-01-30 | Company-News

Champagne and gifts for anniversary and retirement

We honoured seven employees for their many years of working for August Faller with a ceremony in Waldkirch on 29th January. Three colleagues retired. Our jubilees enjoyed champagne, a dinner together and a few small gifts.

220 years with August Faller: That's the result of adding up the length of employment of the seven anniversary employees who were celebrated last Tuesday evening at the restaurant Hotel "Zum Storchen" in Waldkirch. Last year, four colleagues celebrated their 25th anniversary at the company, three even their 40th. August Faller's management team headed by Dr. Daniel Keesman and Dr. Michael Faller, the division managers and executives, as well as the mayors of Denzlingen and Gutach, did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the honoured personally.

In addition, three employees who retired in 2018 were adopted. The programme included a champagne reception followed by a three-course meal - and of course the tribute to the pensioners and anniversary celebrants: The management team and the mayors presented certificates, flowers and small gifts such as books or blankets. "We are extremely pleased to be able to count on August Faller's loyal and committed employees," emphasised Managing Partner Dr. Michael Faller. "Only with such a great team is it possible to be successful at all." 

congratulations on 25 years with august faller:    

  • Peter Anders
  • Dunja Gehring
  • Thorsten Haberstroh
  • Markus Himmelsbach

we CONGRATULATe ON 40th anniversary:   

  • Susanne Herterich-Wisser
  • Wolfgang Koch
  • Helga Fahrländer

WE would like to thank very much and say good bye to:       

  • Hannelore Hess
  • Heinrich Grabowski
  • Alfred Sutter

From left to right: Dr. Michael Faller, Simone Belledin, Peter Anders, Heinrich Grabowski, Wolfgang Koch, Bernd Haberstroh, Helga Fahrländer, Markus Himmelsbach, Thorsten Haberstroh, Ralf Kutschera, Dunja Gehring, Peter Ganter, Dr. Daniel Keesman, Marcel Mößner, Lukas Lewandowski, Stefan Wernet, Jürgen Herr



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