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Development, growth, decision-making: As a European and future-oriented industrial company with six branches in three countries, August Faller GmbH & Co. KG offers attractive opportunities for university graduates and qualified specialists.

In an ever-evolving pharmaceutical sector shaped by innovation, we have established ourselves as a leading pharmaceutical packaging specialist. Through successful, future-oriented and sustainable operations, our solutions ensure access to medication worldwide and we are seeking employees to help us pursue this mission. We offer our employees a wide range of social benefits, projects and further training opportunities. As we strive to grow as a company, we need employees who also want to grow on a personal level and who feel at home with us.

We offer:

- Individual personnel development programmes

- The compatibility of family and work through home-office days

- A range of voluntary social benefits such as support funds and health services

- Employee shareholding

Our Lean Management team supports employees to make work processes as innovative as possible. Dedication and innovation are supported by our Ideefix programme, which implements and awards ideas and suggested improvements for day-to-day work.

You will feel right at home with us if

... you see individual responsibility as an opportunity

... you want to exceed your own limits

... you take a straightforward approach

Would you like to start your journey with August Faller? You can find an overview of our vacant positions under current vacancies.


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