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Why sustainability is in the first place for us? Because the 3 Pillars of Sustainability Ecology, Economy and Social Involvement ensure the regenerability of our natural resources, the efficiency of our operations and the harmonic coexistence of man and nature.

As a medium-sized family business, we focus on long-term thinking and acting rather than just short-term success
As a medium-sized family business, we focus on long-term thinking and acting rather than just short-term success

Our pillars of sustainability


For more than 125 years we have let ourselves be guided in all decisions by vigilant risk management. Constant ongoing development of our healthy capital structure ensures the independence of our family business and helps us to fund growth and investment, to tap into innovations and new fields of business and to secure jobs. Since January 2011, the head office in Waldkirch, the PSC folding cartons in Waldkirch and the PSC leaflets in Binzen have been FSC®-certified.


Our long-term decision-making criteria are also reflected in the use of resources at August Faller. We achieve efficient exploitation of materials and energy by using state-of-the-art technologies from machinery through to architecture. By preference we use raw materials from sustainably managed forests and have been able to noticeably reduce the consumption of water and solvents.


Personnel development holds an important position at August Faller. Whether healthcare or support for those who have got into difficulty through no fault of their own, we try as far as possible to offer every employee what they need. In addition, August Faller supports the full day childcare centre in Waldkirch and collaborates with schools as part of mentoring. We are active in the promotion of culture and sport, train beyond our own requirements and support measures for the qualification of unemployed young people and the long-term unemployed.

Sustainability report 2017

Find out everything important about sustainability in our current Sustainability Report! The short version is available as a PDF file in the sidebar.


Prudent risk management


Efficient use of resources


commitment to sustainability


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