sustainability report 2018

growing steadily & creating opportunities

We at August Faller have positioned our company for the future and are aiming for its sustainable development. For us, this means reconciling economic success, ecological responsibility, and social commitment. As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, we think long-term rather than in quarterly reports.
In order to honor sustainable management and make it visible to the public, the Baden-Württemberg state government has launched the so-called WIN Charter with its economic initiative Sustainability. As one of the original signatories, August Faller is committed to a total of twelve guiding principles. In this way, we ensure the regenerative capacity of our natural resources, the profitability of our company and the harmonious cooperation of our employees.

100% green electricity at all german subsidiaries

August Faller purchases 100% green electricity from Stadtwerke Waldkirch for all German locations. This company produces the electricity through hydropower, photovoltaic systems and combined heat and power plants and thus avoids the generation of nuclear waste and CO² emissions.



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